Mission Statement

International Road Safety Research Journal (IRSRJ) is a leading research publication that documents the laws, regulations, policies, technical studies, best practices, case studies, engineering and design standards, etc. that relate to road safety around the world.

IRSRJ aims to anchor the rapidly-developing field of road safety by documenting and collating all the relevant research and information at one source. It’s a multidisciplinary journal with the primary purpose of inculcating a culture of research and innovative discourse around the cause of road safety. Through news, articles, research papers, policy papers, interviews and book reviews, IRSRJ investigates how roads can be made safer around the world.

IRSRJ’s cross-border coverage and reference tools will encourage research in road safety and promote dialogue between all relevant stakeholders. The agenda that drives IRSRJ is to have a vibrant discussion on safer mobility and contribute towards legislative and policy developments.

IRSRJ aims at updating readers with minute nuances of the latest developments in the field of road safety and serve as a complete portal that will provide articles with in-depth research and information. It seeks to make each content descriptive, unique and detailed on topics in a way that the reader needs no further research on the same. It does not restrict itself to any particular area of road safety and welcomes contributions from all academic branches, as long as the work is relevant, updated and original.

Please get in touch with our editorial team to provide feedback and suggest ideas for coverage. For contributions, please visit our “Call for Submissions” page.

Editorial Board

The International Road Safety Research Journal is proud to be run by an Editorial Board comprising of professionals, experts and academicians who are renowned in their respective fields.

Interim Members

Nishant Bhaskar

Senior Editor

Nishant has worked as publishing editor for several online publications managing both writers and projects. He has successfully implemented editorial standards for both style and quality used by writers and editorial teams.

Soumya Shekhar


Soumya is an independent legal research professional and experienced associate with a demonstrated history of having worked in the legal services industry.

Nikita Saha

Assistant Editor

Nikita has authored several articles while working as a legal correspondent and contributor with leading publications and online legal news portals.

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