Submission Guidelines

IRSRJ prides itself on being one of the leading journals that focuses exclusively on issues pertaining to road safety in the form of research papers, articles, essays and original policy analysis. Submissions can be made by professionals, practitioners and students in consonance with below-mentioned guidelines via e-mail to

General Guidelines

  1. Submissions must contain content that is both original and unpublished, and not pending for review before any other publisher or publication. Submissions must accompany declaration by the author(s) that the submission is completely original and has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. A suggested format for this declaration is available on
  2. All submissions will be reviewed and the editorial board shall have complete discretion on whether to proceed further with the publication or not.
  3. Plagiarism of any kind is unacceptable and submissions found to be plagiarised will be rejected.
  4. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word (or similar) format.
  5. The first page should contain the following information:
  6. Title of the submission – the title should be in font size 16, bold, fully capitalized and centred.
  7. Name of the Author(s), Institutional affiliation and Email address – all of these should be centred underneath the title in Times New Roman font size 16 and italicized.
  8. Headings within the submission must be font size 14 in Times New Roman.
  9. Submission body must be in Times New Roman font size 12, line spacing 1.5 and the “justified” alignment with 1 inch margins on all sides of the page.
  10. All endnotes must be in Times New Roman with font size 10.
  11. Wherever case laws, statutory materials or other resources are referred, appropriate links must be provided in the endnotes or the text itself.
  12. Submissions should have been ‘spell-checked’ and ‘grammar-checked’.
  13. The endnotes must contain bibliography, references, suggestions and findings.

Types of Submissions

  1. Articles: 800-1500 words

Submissions in this category are expected to deal with the theme comprehensively, examine the available literature more deeply and offer an innovative reassessment of the current interpretation of that theme. Preferable, but not mandatory, would be that themes of contemporary importance are chosen.

  1. Book Reviews: 400-700 words

 This category will focus on reviewing titles that deal with topics concerning road safety, human errors and crashes, traffic crashes and related calamities, methods of accident investigation, accident evaluations, post-trauma scenario, etc.

  1. Opinions and Essays: 400-700 words.

Essays and opinions are more concise in scope. Dealing with a specific issue, they argue that the issue should be conceptualised differently. They are more engaging and make for a concrete argument. 

  1. Legislative and Case Comments: 600-800 words

This is an analysis of any contemporary judicial pronouncement, whether in India or elsewhere. It must study and examine the series of cases in which the decision in question was given, and comment upon the implications of that ruling on that particular branch of law to which it pertains.

Specific Guidelines

  • The submissions can have photos, diagrams, bar graphs, tables, etc in colour. Visual representation of any facts, interpretations, or analysis is allowed. As an author, you need to ensure that the necessary reproduction rights (and other intellectual property rights) have been obtained from the rights holder (where applicable). IRSRJ will not be liable for any intellectual property violations. Please ensure that the permission you have secured is for the life of the work.
  • No audio-video submissions are acceptable. However, any audio or video recordings can be promoted by the journal separately through social media. Please ensure that the recordings are directly relevant to the topic.
  • A maximum of two authors can collaborate for any submission. If there are more than two authors, prior permission should be sought from the Editorial Board of the IRSRJ.
  • Submissions should be accompanied with a short Abstract of 200 words that will outline the main questions or themes addressed in the submission. It should draw upon the following themes:
  1. The overall purpose of the study.
  2. Research problem investigated.
  3. The basic design of the study undertaken.
  4. Major findings or trends found as a result of your analysis.
  5. A brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions.  
  • Authors should provide up to five keywords with their submissions.
  • Acknowledgements Policy:
  1. Authors are required to identify and list contributors responsible for specific parts of the project and give credit to them for their work. It can include authors, non-authors, funding sources, editing services, or even administrative staff.
  2. In academic writing, the information presented in the acknowledgement section should be kept brief. And it must only mention the people directly involved with the project. Personal acknowledgements are not allowed.
  3. Authors are also required to identify the source(s) of funding for the research.
  4. The acknowledgement will contain the following elements:
  5. Full name of the individuals who are being thanked.
  6. A brief statement as to what kind of help the author has received from each individual, group of people, scholarship etc.